Interstand Projects AB

People for global administration and finance departments

Below you will find a list of our services. Of course the required works can vary but on the hole we can be your long arm to a long distant office.

Documentation for Corporate registration at Registration authoritys.

Payroll and HR administration

Documentation for Corprate registration at Tax authoritys

Setting up Ethical training programs and implementing high level internal audit programs.

Creating necesary Shareholders meeting and Minutes of Board meetings

Taking care of Tax reporting. Social cost reporting

Help in choosing and establishing contacts with Auditors.

Help in examining facilitys for establishment

Finding suppliers and subcontractors for different kid of work.

Finding suitable employees.

Opening and closing bank accounts


Creating suitable administrative systems for project administration

Creating necesary Swedish Statuary Closings

Setting up server based administrative systems for multipple users.

Talking care of re-organisations

Getting the administration done


On time reporting to WHQ

Setting up organisations.

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